Medal test timetable

1:30 G2 Nancy Chappell
  G3 Chloe Etherington
  G4 Kristina Douch
1:33 G5 Mason Hellier
  G6 Lily Hills
  G7 Sienna Harrison
1:35 G9 Lauren Campkin
  G10 Zara Hardy
  G56 Megan Wilders
1:37 G11 Niamh Oswald-Cutler
  G12 Freyja Oswald-Cutler
  G13 Eva Wadsley-Rose
1:40 G14 Tassia Victory
  G15 Eleanor Sowerby
  G16 Evie McCulloch
1:42 G17 Hannah Stenning
  G18 Freya-Louise Elderton
  G19 Ruby Rapson
  G20 Sophie Stenning
  G21 Chloe Wingate
  G22 Maisey poolman
1:44 G23 Darcey Doran
  G24 Lola Williams
  G25 Cherry Saunders
  G26 Willow Harrison
  G27 Rosie Anthony
1:46 G1 Chloe Summerfield
1:48 G28 Evie Williams
  G29 Sienna Mayfield-Shaw
  G30 Ava Jones
1:52 G31 Maisie Wareham
  G32 Daisy Barnley
  G33 Tiana Rato
1:55 G34 Lottie Broadbridge
  G35 Evie McClean
  G36 Jessica Trumper
2pm G37 Imogen Kent
  G38 Grace Butler
  G39 Isabel Taylor
2:03 G40 Isla Gough
  G57 Isla Gray
2;05 G41 Alara Aksoy
  G42 Ruby Price
2:08 G43 Lily King
  G44 Alice Newman
  G45 Brooke Sakutukwa
  G46 Lois Anderson
2:10 G47 Georgia Webb
  G48 Evie Pinhorne
  G49 Amy Hider
  G50 Lottie Hider
2:12   Eva Wadsley-Rose
    Tassia Victory
    Freyja Oswald-Cutler
    Niamh Oswald-Cutler
    Evie McCulloch
2:14   Tiana Rato
  G51 Mia Van-Asma
2:16   Lottie Broadbridge
  G58 Izzy Kirby
  G52 Sophia Stockley
  G53 Jessica Parsons
  G59 Freya Denyer
2:18   Darcey Doran
    Willow Harrison
    Rosie Anthony
  G54 Lucy Price
2:20   Cherry Saunders
2:22 G55 Ava Pope
2:23   Lola Williams
2:25 G60 Hollie Bailey
  G61 Faye Williams
  G62 Layla-May Etherington
  G63 Alanamae Hunt
2:28 G64 Freya Caldwell
  G65 Layla-Mae Holdway
  G66 Lotty Taylor
  G67 Logan Bryan
2:30 G68 Seren Leaves
    Jessica Trumper
    Maisie Wareham
  G69 Rose Wallace
2:32   Lois Anderson
  G70 Yasmine Moore
  G71 Eva Benton
2:34 G72 Bethany Naughton
  G73 Ella Madgewick
  G74 Esmay Moore
2:36 G75 Ellin Yates
  G76 Isabelle McKenna
2:37   Evie Williams
2:40 G77 Freya Blackwell
  G78 Izzabella Brownlie
2:42 G79 Tom Barham
2:43 G80 Rubyanne Bryan
  G81 Alexis Harrison
  G82 Isabella Brown
2:45 G83 Lucy Burns
  G84 Maisy Adams-Saunders
  G85 Katherine Loader
2:47 G86 Molly Fletcher
  G87 Olivia Yates
  G88 Gabby Parsons
2:50 G89 Erin Delahay
  G90 Kayla Murphy
  G91 Evie Stratford-Burden
    Chloe Summerfield
2:52 G92 Freya Thynne
2:53 G93 Eliza obeirne
2:54 G94 Tilly Adams saunders
2:55 G95 Lily –Ann Lee
2:56 G96 Elysia Southey
3pm G97 Heidi Woolmer
3:02   Layla-May Entherington
    Seren Leaves
    Freya Caldwell
3:04   Layla-Mae Holdwell
    Hollie Bailey
    Faye Williams
3:06   Eva Benton
    Rose Wallace
    Jessica Trumper
    Ella Madgwick
3:08   Ellin Yates
    Bethany Naughton
    Isabelle McKenna
    Lois Anderson
    Maisie Wareham
3:10   Izzy Kirby
3:12   Sienna Mayfield Shaw
    Ava Jones
  G98 Rivan Miller
3:14 G99 Esme Garey
  G100 Molly Oneil
  P7 Gabriela Cruz
  P3 Poppy Morgan
3:16 P93 Ruby massey
  P89 Kerrianne Oconnell
3:18   Jessica Parsons
  P13 Lily I’Bell
    Tiana Rato
3:20   Evie Williams
3:22 P16 Imogen Kent
  P19 Jazmin Lyford
  P23 Keira Lynch
    Isla Gough
3:24 P31 Alice Jacknelle
    Isabel Taylor
  P36 Erin Bull
3:26   Isla Gray
  P38 Molly Gray
3:28   Grace Butler
  P40 Jessica Shears
  P44 Anya Popov
3:30 P45 Ellie Anthoney
  P46 Chloe Hammond
3:32 P48 Keira Pridgeon
    5 min break
3:40   Isabella Brown
    Alexis Harrison
    Izzabella Brownlie
    Evie Stratford-Burden
3:42   Molly Fletcher
    Olivia Yates
3:45   Kayla Murphy
    Erin Delahay
3:7 P50 Brooke Leaver
3:48   Freya Thynne
3:50   Lauren Wilders
3:52   Eliza Obeirne
3:53   Tilly Adams-Saunders
3:54   Lily-Ann Lee
3:55   Heidi Woolmer
3:56 P58 Elysia Southey
4pm P20 Ellisia Lee
4:02   Esme Garey
    Kerrianne O’connel
    Molly Oneil
4:04   Sienna Mayfield Shaw
    Ava Jones
4:06   Rivan Miller
4:07 P60 Laken Miller
4:10 P71 Nicole Chapman
  P76 Tala Murley
4:12 P82 Lucy Hart
  Y59 Daniel Smith
  P6 Sophie McCulloch
4:15 P10 Lauren Wilders
  P12 Lily Allen
4:17 P14 Emma Burns
  P99 Kiera Delahay
4:20 P20 Elli Lee
4:22   Chloe Hammond
    Jazmin Lyford
    Anya Popov
    Keira Lynch
4:24   Ellie Anthoney
    Erin Bull
    Molly Gray
4:26   Kiera Pridgeon
4:27   Imogen Kent
4:28 P21 Lily-Anne Talman
  P27 Bella Stapley
  P28 Darcey Cousins
  P30 Bayleigh Pearson
4:30 P32 Ruby Evans
  P35 Amelia Barbet
  P42 Sienna Barnes
  P47 Elsie Brett
4:33   Tala Murley
  P49 Matilda Taylor
4:34   Nicole Chapman
4:35   Emma Burns
4:37 P51 Harriet Jacknelle
4:38   Kiera Delahay
4:42 P53 Sa rah Rose Freeman
4:43   Laken Miller
4:45   Lily Allen
4:50   Lily-Anne Talman
  P54 Kaylin Talman
    Darcey Cousins
    Sienna Barnes
4:52 P69 Jake Pearson
4:53   Bayleigh pearson


There will be no classes on Saturday 20th October.

Medal Tests

Medal tests are on 10th November 2018 at Oaklands college.

If you have not received a letter regarding your tests then please ask your teacher.

Saturdays classes

A massive congratulations to all our dancers who performed in geMTV, we are so proud of all our dancers.

Dance classes are back on as normal on Sat 7th July. We will take a break for the summer after Saturday 14th July.

GemTV Show rehearsal

Whole cast rehearsal 23rd June at Oaklands school hall 1:15-4:30pm.

Saturday morning classes are still on at Southdowns on 23rd June.

Half term

We are closed on Saturday 26th May and Thursday 31st May for half term, We will be back from 2nd June onwards.

Happy Easter!

Gemsdance is now closed for the easter break (except comp classes on wed 4th, Friday 6th, mon 9th, wed 11th and Friday 13th)

Classes will be back on Saturday 14th April!

gemtv show

gemtv tickets will be on sale from Friday 16th March 2018.

Tickets are available from the Kings Theatre box office 02392 828282 or book online at

Tickets are between £10-£13.


Snow cancellations

Unfortunately, due to weather conditions we have had to cancel Saturdays dance classes. Sorry for any inconvenience caused!